Estate Maintenance & Forestry

Electrical Parts for farmers

Over the years we have become experts in the field of Estate Maintenance and Forestry, supplying a range of products including brooms, brushes, handsaws, sprayers, rakes and forks to name but a few.

We have the solution to keep you safely covered when working in the industry.

Stockists of the following:

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Farm Brooms

Brooms & Brushes

Suppliers of Brooms including extra wide platform brooms. All with heavy duty clamp and stay.

Shovals for Farms

Squeegees & Shovels

We supply products that are built to last.

Rakes and Forks

Rakes & Forks

Selection of rakes and forks available.

Hammers and Axes for Estate maintenance

Sledgehammers & Axes

A range of Hammers and Axes ideal for Estate maintenance.

Handsaws for farms


Pole saws, folding saws and sheathed saws available.

Torches for Farms


A range of torches ideal for the agricultural indutry available.

Tarpaulins for Farms


Different sizes in stock.

hazard tapes for farms

Repair & Hazard Tape

A selection of repair and hazard tapes available.

Sprayers for farms


Varying capacities available.

Extension Leads for Farms

Extension Reels & Leads

Varying lengths available.

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