Workshop Products for farmers

Pioneer Agri are a leading supplier of tools, including tyre repair equipment, to farms in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and surrounding counties. We pride ourselves in our industry knowledge.

We have the solution to for all your tools and tyre repair requirements.

Stockists of the following:

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Pliers for Farmers


Combination, Side Cutters, Snipe Nose and Fencing Pliers and more available.

Circlip Pliers for farms

Circlip Pliers

External and internal circlip pliers in stock.

Wrenches for Farmers


A range of water pump pliers, selfgrip and Pipe Wrenches available.

Hammers for Farms


Claw, Ball Pein, Lump and Thor Hammers available

Workshop Drillsets

Drill Sets

Ranges of drill sets available and in stock.

Power tools for farms

Power Tools

A range of grinders and blades available.

Spanner Sets for Farmers

Spanners & Sockets

Spanners Sets available in metric and imperial, adjustable spanners and extendable sockets and ratchets.

Socket Sets for Farmers

Sockets Sets

A range of socket sets available

Tools for Farmers


Bolt Croppers, pincers, wire brushes plus many more tools available.

Measuring Tapes and Tools for farms

Measuring Tools

Tapes, surveyors measuring tapes and digital callipers available.

Tyre Inflators for Farmers

Tyre Inflators

A range of Tyre Inflators in stock

Portable Compressors for farmers

Portable Compressors

Portable Compressors, including a twin pistol compressor in stock

Sealants for Farmers


A range of sealants for tyres available.

Repair Kits for farms

Repairs Kits

Repairs Kits are available in a number of sizes

Tyre Repair Patches for Farmers

Tyre Repair Patches

Tyre Repair Patches are available in a number of sizes.

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