Non-Explosive Bird-Scaring Solutions

Non-Explosive Bird-Scaring Solutions

A global shortage of explosive bird-scaring products is pushing UK farmers towards alternative crop protection methods.

Many explosive bird scarers, such as ropes, are manufactured in China. However, the situation in the Red Sea, where container ships are at risk of attack from the Houthis, is making exporters and importers nervous about shipping explosives to the point where they’ve stopped entirely.

Thankfully, for farmers in Lincolnshire and neighbouring counties, Pioneer Agri has several alternative bird scarers in stock.

The hanging crow scarer is a popular product, especially with farmers trying to deter rooks. Rooks are exceptionally clever birds that eat shooting seeds and also seek out insects and grubs.

The hanging crow scarer resembles a dead bird, which is a significant deterrent for the super-intelligent rook. For best results, simply hang this realistic bird scarer from a stake, fence, hedgerow, or tree. This replica crow will signal danger to other birds. Initially, birds approach the corpse but usually leave when they see the bird’s unnatural position.

Another popular product with Pioneer Agri’s customers is the Terror Kite and Terror Hawk Silent Bird Scaring Kite kit. This pack includes both kites, with the Terror Hawk mimicking the movement of a natural predator hovering over the crops and the Terror Kite disorientating birds with its constant movement as it moves as it swoops, dives and climbs.

The CropGard wind-powered bird scarer is also in stock. This heavy-duty, high-quality, wind-driven bird scarer is one of the most effective available and is built to last! As it spins, its combination of unsettling movement, bright warning colours, and flashing light effects panics, alarms, and confuses the birds.

Pioneer Agri has worked with farmers and agricultural contractors for over 35 years, helping them source high-quality, value-for-money replacement parts, clothing and equipment. If, after reading this article, you need any help or assistance finding a suitable bird-scaring product, please don’t hesitate to call 01522 695272, email, or fill in our contact form.