Tackling Winter Mud & Hedge Cuttings

Tackling Winter Mud & Hedge Cuttings

Pioneer Agri has everything you need!

The presence of mud and hedge cuttings on roads is almost inevitable at this time of year, thanks to heavy rainfall and high winds. Thankfully, Pioneer Agri has everything you need to keep on top of both.

In winter, it is almost impossible to move a tractor and trailer from one field to another without leaving some mud on the road. As you know, farmers must be proactive when it comes to minimising mud spillages, as they can pose a significant hazard to motorists, cyclists, and walkers.

Farmers and their contractors must:

Undertake regular cleaning: That means brushing roads and keeping their vehicles mud-free. We have a range of [products] that can help with this.

Display warning signage: Forewarned is forearmed, as they say, and it is vital to alert other road users to potential mud on the road. Again, we have a range of warning signs and high vis clothing.

Timing: Farmers and contractors should avoid moving heavy machinery during adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain. If operations are unavoidable, taking extra precautions like reducing speed and utilising mudguards can help mitigate the impact on road conditions.

When it comes to hedge cuttings, farmers need to ensure that they and their contractors dispose of hedge cuttings so as not to obstruct roads, paths, or watercourses. Composting, chipping, or arranging for the cuttings to be collected are three responsible options. As you’d expect from a leading agricultural equipment supplier, we stock several composters and chipping machines!

Hedge cutting is subject to legal restrictions in the UK, primarily to protect nesting birds. Farmers need to be aware of these regulations and not cut hedges between 1st March and 1st September.

As with the presence of mud, if hedge cuttings are deposited on roads inadvertently, it is the responsibility of farmers and their contractors to clear them promptly to prevent road hazards and maintain visibility for road users.

Pioneer Agri has worked with farmers and agricultural contractors for over 35 years, helping them source high-quality, value-for-money replacement parts, clothing and equipment. If, after reading this article, you need any help or assistance, please don’t hesitate to call 01522 695272, email sales@pioneeragri.co.uk, or fill in our contact form.